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“If you want to get the CCNA certification with knowledge and practice, Cisnet is the place in GTA. Excellent instructors, one-one-assistance, mock exams and state-of-the art facility is fantastic. It is worthwhile to visit them.

Omair Feroz

For CCNA instructor’s training method is vital. Sam Fareed is one of the few instructors with 15 years of experience with Cisco training, gave me the good knowledge and skills to pass the exam within shorter time. Thanks again Sam.

Simrithi Bawa

Cisnet Training book with fantastic, highly abbreviated with relevant knowledge. If anyone follow with instructions easily go for the exam with confident.

Abdul Aleem

Even once you finish the course you can get the on-one-one assistance for exam prep. Cisnet is more service oriented in the business world and delights the students.

Bilal Ahmad

Cisnet is my place to learn. It is something like my home, friendly staff. I greatly appreciate the facility.

Bojana K.

Sam Fareed delivered the technical information needed to pass the test in a manner that I could retain and understand easily. I have never had a better experience in a classroom environment where very technical issues were being relayed. I will definitely

Vincente Fialho

The Class was Very good and to the point. Thank you for your efforts. I enjoyed the instructor's humor

Tiamoor Haq

Sam has the knowledge and expertise to make any student learn and master the CCNA essentials. His dedication to his students is unparallel. I would highly recommend his classes

Kabir Kasim

I appreciate your willingness to support us even after the course. Many technical education centers offer this type of personal attention, but it is not often that I have taken them up on it. This time I'd like to take you up on it

Gowri R.

I really enjoyed the class. You kept us laughing, which made the long days pouring over mindless technical facts much more entertaining and enjoyable. I like your teaching style and liked your approach to teaching very complex procedures simply and briefl

Mandeep Basra

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